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 In a near future, where reincarnation is proven to be real, people can be arrested in this life, for serious, heinous crimes committed in previous lives. After the technology of Soul Mapping  revealed that past lives were  undeniably real, the world was plunged into anarchy. Social structures nearly crumbled, religions were questioned, relationships destroyed, and as with the introduction of every pervasive technology, a whole new culture emerged.


Due to public outcry after realizing that extreme criminals can, and have returned, the government is now in the process of passing the Continual Justice Act, which mandates that people can be held accountable in their current life for those serious crimes committed in past lives.

ECHOES is an anthology series which follows the narratives of people from all walks of life who are impacted by this new phase of history. It also interweaves the narratives of one “Soul Mapper,” Clara, who believes people can change from one life to the next. In the pilot episode, she joins forces with an anti-soul mapping protestor and technologist, Justin , the point person of an underground network, to help those evading the authorities, despite the fact that they could be found out at any moment. The series continues with Justin’s journey as he attempts to develop alternate technology to make soul mapping resources available to everyone, not just the government and the private wealth sector.

Echoes also follows the journey of the first two FBI Agents who specialize in Past Life Crimes, as they pursue past life and current criminals in all past-life related crime matters.

Though it relates to past lives, Echoes is future-facing, set approximately ten years from now, and explores a wealth of societal themes and conflicts with diverse characters of all ages and backgrounds, with a special focus on LGBTQ characters and related issues.

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