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Cast and Crew

Meet the amazing team of actors, writers, producers, and engineers that make Echoes possible. We are grateful to have the support of KVibe Studios and Starlight Runner to bring you the best in podcasting. Get to know our  team and join us on this journey! 


Guest staring...

John O'Hurley 

Adam Pascal 

Jackée Harry 

Bret Ernst 

Lee Shorten 


Brennie Tellu 

Brandice Peltier 

Alex Sarrigeorgiou

Dolly Adnani

Monica Mist

MeeWha Lee

Austin Owens Kelly

Alexander Rios

Peter Reeves

TJ Bolden 

Georgia Kate Haege

Frank Licari

Nico Galloway 

Davide Borella 

Mark Weatherup Jr

Nathan Cusson 

Special Thanks to 

Kvibe Studios

Zgroup Media


Directed by

Heidi C. Bordogna 

 Khoa Le

Written by

Holly Payne-Strange,

Heidi C. Bordogna, 

Carl Huebner 

Produced by

Kvibe Studios

Executives producer

Jeff Gomez

Steven Tobias

Original Music by

Colin Bell


 V.J. Manzo

Sound Effects by

Joe Costable and Colin Bell

Edited by

Nicole Pometti 

Marc Falcon

Casting by

Quite Frankly Productions 

Graphic design by

Joe  Nunez 

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