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HOlly Payne-



Step into a world where the boundaries of life and death blur,  where the enigma of existence unfolds before your very ears. In Echoes, reincarnation  has been proven to be real...and the whole world has changed. 

Hi, I'm Holly Payne-Strange, the creator of Echoes. I first started to develop this idea in 2015 and was soon joined by Heidi C. Bordogna. Together we poured our hearts and souls into making Echoes a reality, making short films, writing pilot episodes and creating entire worlds together.  


 Echoes aims to explore the rich tapestry of human existence, including strong LGBT+ themes and diverse episodes  that serve as a vibrant thread throughout our storytelling.

 Behind the inception of Echoes lies a deeply personal connection. My mother, who has medically died twice, has been a profound inspiration for this podcast. It is a tribute to her indomitable spirit and resilience. As we explore profound themes like death, guilt and pain, we  aim to do so with a delicate balance of humor, wonder, and grace. 

  We hope  you enjoy listening  To Echoes as much as we have enjoyed creating it! 

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